Open Water Course – Scuba Certification

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You will learn all of the skills you need to be safe and have fun under water.

The PADI Open Water Diver scuba certification course consists of three main phases:

  • Knowledge Development (online, Open Water Diver Touch or in a classroom ) to understand basic principles of scuba diving
  • Confined Water Dives to learn basic scuba skills
  • Open Water Dives to review your skills and explore!

If you’ve tried diving through a Discover Scuba Diving experience or resort course, the skills you learned may be credited towards a portion of the full PADI Open Water Diver Scuba certification.

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  • Must be at least 15 years old (10 years old for the Junior certification)
  • Must be able to tread water for 10 Min
  • Must be able to swim 200 yards with out stopping
  • Must be on good health and complete PADI Medical Statement DOWNLOAD


There is a combination of home study with reading materials and DVD will ensure you know the basic principals required to dive and prepare you for your exam. Depending on the class you register for there may be 2-4 sessions. Classroom may be done at Padi Online or in conjunction with your pool/confined water sessions. Check the calendar for classes and the format of each class may be different to meet the needs of students.


Now the fun begins: you will learn how to setup your SCUBA unit and how to adjust it underwater. You will experience the weightlessness of being neutrally buoyant and have the ability to glide through the water. You will also learn the important skills of equalizing your ears, getting water out of your mask, planning your dives for time and depth, and what to do in the unlikely event of a problem while diving.

Open Water Dives

You will have 4 dives at 20-40 ft of water for a minimum of 20 min each. During each dive you will testing out on the skills that you learned during the pool and classroom sessions. During the dives you will have the opportunity to play games to help reinforce the concepts you learned in class and just have fun. There is also a vast array of marine life and you will be able to feed the fish underwater and explore the park.

After your 4 check out dives are complete, you will be officially scuba certified and most students have time to go and explore the rest of the park with their buddy. SCUBA certifications do not have expiration’s, but divers are encouraged to do a Scuba Review if it has been more than a year since their last dive. Divers can also continue their scuba learning through other PADI diver ratings and specialties.

Gear you will use

You will need your own mask, fins, snorkel and boots. For all of dives we will provide Buoyancy Compensator (BC), Tank, Regulators and Octopus. For the Open Water quarry dives, you will most likely need a wet-suit depending on water temperature and your comfort level, but they are available for rent at the quarry.


Costs will be determined based on classroom learning format and location costs. Please check the calendar for upcoming classes but pricing may vary by location and format.


  • PADI Crew Pack training materials
  • Scuba Unit (must have Mask, Fins, Snorkel and Boots; starter kit available at discounted price)
  • Courses must be completed with in one year of payment. There are no refunds on classes or services.
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Open Water

  • 4 open water dives with Dive instructor over 2 days
  • Your Scuba Unit and Wet-suit
  • Includes entry fee to the Quarry for 2 days
  • Includes up to 4 tank fills (one per dive)
  • All Open Water Dives MUST be completed with in one year of completing Classroom
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